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Sports Diploma at FSD Academy


Are you a young person looking to develop key life skills, progress physically, mentally and socially, and give yourself a solid base for your adult life?

At FSD Academy we offer Diplomas in Sport, taught by leading experts in sport science, setting you on the path towards a successful career in the sports industry.

The Diploma in Sport is the perfect entry point for youngsters who want to launch their career in sport. It offers a pathway to university, sport apprenticeships, coaching and work placements, and many of our former students have gone on to work within the FSD academy as coaches and mentors.

We are passionate about learning, sport and our community, and we are especially committed to helping young people from all backgrounds get ahead in life to become the best version of themselves.

Regular 1-to-1 support

College league games schedule

Excellent gym facilities

Showcase games against pro academies

Academy trips and experiences, both in the UK and abroad

Personal training programmes to track progression

Voluntary and paid multi-sports coaching roles available

Bespoke training plans to support your professional development

We’ll create bespoke training plans designed to support your progression and help you develop at your own pace. You’ll get the chance to meet, train with and learn from past and present professional footballers, experienced sport science professionals and guest speakers from a wide range of professional backgrounds.

All of our coaches are UEFA qualified, while our training programmes mirror the world’s elite professional academies. Thanks to our coaching team’s decades of professional sports experience, we also have a close working relationship with many professional clubs throughout the UK.

When you join FSD Academy, we’ll treat you like an individual, and we take our responsibility of helping you find your future career path seriously.

We prepare you for adult life

At FSD Academy we pride ourselves on doing more than simply helping you secure your Sports Diploma—we want to unlock your hidden talent both on and off the pitch.

Alongside the development of your professional and key football skills, we’ll also support you in your emotional development.

We’ll teach you transferable skills to help you later on in life, while we specialise in boosting self-confidence, self-esteem and mental wellbeing. We’re also big believers in the power of living a healthy lifestyle, and we’ll promote this through bespoke food, diet and nutritional programmes.

A positive, friendly and inclusive environment

At FSD Academy we don’t care what sort of background you come from or whether you’re the next Cristiano Ronaldo.

We are open to young people of all abilities, while many of our students come from inner city communities. This includes members or low income families, young people who are vulnerable or differently abled, as well as diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds. We have particular experience in working with young people who are at risk of being excluded from school.

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Our coaches

All the coaches and staff throughout the FSD organisation are highly skilled and qualified. Most importantly, they believe in the founding vision of FSD: To help support youngsters from our local communities find successful pathways into adult life.

Our campuses

FSD Academy operate in multiple locations across Leicestershire.